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Take A Friend Fishing” (TAFF) is a campaign where UK anglers are encouraged to take a person out who they feel would benefit from a day’s fishing.


Remember when a friend or family member took you fishing when you were young or just starting out?  We bet everyone has experienced a memorable session or two like that – sharing the bank with someone else is always more fun! – And with the Take a Friend Fishing campaign, there is the chance to take someone for FREE.   If you make their day an enjoyable one, you should have another person to go fishing with for life and better still, allow your friends to see the enjoyment you get from Britain’s largest outdoor participated pastime.


Biggest Fish Competition

Are you a record breaker?


we have a trophy for the biggest of each species caught in 2017/18 please take a look at the club records section for rules and current records.

BOGOF Day tickets


Monthly Member Catch up...

once a month we will be talking to one of our members on the bank just to catch up and hear a little about them and thier experiences at Offord. This month we were lucky enough to catch up with Grayham Bonfield and here is what he had to say..

Grayham Bonfield

"My name Grayham Bonfield I work at Cardington Studios, which can be very hectic, so going down to the Offords to fish is a great way to relax and unwind from it all, I always like to fish the Black overfalls weirpool, I like to hair rig pellets over a PVA bag filled with the same to bag bream, on a good day I catch about 6 nice sized bream from the weir pool averaging 5lb, the odd eel and some absolutely cracking chub. My biggest chub was just over 6lb and was great sport on the rod, most the chub average at least 4lb, I normally catch more chub stalking along the stream that flows down from the weir pool, ideal features like overhanging trees and bullrushes, perfect for chub to hide, Offord really is a great place to fish"