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Organised and run by the Angling Trades Association, the TAKE A FRIEND FISHING (TAFF) campaign encourages parents, grandparents and friends to find the time to give family members and friends the chance to have a go at fishing. Jeremy Wade, author, TV presenter of River Monsters and Angling Trust Ambassador said: The TAFF campaign is a great way for people to learn the angling basics and appreciate the outdoors. By introducing newcomers to the sport you pass on a gift that stays with them throughout their lives, taking them to beautiful places to catch exciting fish.


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Offord and Buckden Angling Society was formed in the early 1800's and until 1959 benefitted from the Great Northern Railway Station at Offord which, being only 100 yards from the club's water on the River Great Ouse, provided easy access to anglers from the north and south. Some of our members remember travelling on the train with their grandparents and fishing for Chub alongside the great Dick Walker.Today, the club has access to approximately seven kilometres of top class river fishing between Grafham Pumping Station at Offord

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Match Bookings

Match Bookings are welcome on our fisheries. To discuss reserving the water please send an e-mail to Club President Tony Elliot, or call him on 01480810346 before 8pm.




Cluny and Brampton. Whether you're looking for still water or a fast flowing stream: a small intimate river or one that's wide, languid and deep; we have it. And we have bream, carp, chub, perch, pike, roach and zander.