Offord & Buckden Angling Society

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1.All anglers to use unhooking mats when putting bream, tench, barbel, carp and pike on the bank side.

2.All anglers must carry a landing net of suitable size (pike and carp anglers minimum 36 inches).

3.All pike anglers must use a wire trace.

4.All fish to be weighed in an appropriate sling (no carrier bags), a landing net may be used.

5.All rubbish to be removed from premises.

6.No fires.

7.No tents (a bivvy may be used).

8.A maximum of 3 rods per angler. (No exceptions).

9.No angler to occupy more than one swim at any one time. (No exceptions).

10.All anglers must be within a safe distance of their rods at all times. Determined by the bailiff.

11.Disabled anglers only may take a vehicle beyond the posts in the car park for unloading and loading tackle. (No exceptions unless seen fit by a committee member for good reason).

12.No night fishing and no keep nets to be used along mill stretch and weir pool.

13.The Ouse Valley pathway must not be blocked by anglers to walkers.

14.The above rules are a three strike system with the loss of membership for the remainder of season.

15.Defecation in swims or on the bank side by anglers will result in an instant loss of membership for life, subject to appeal.

16.Removal of fish from club waters may result in an instant lifetime ban and may result in prosecution.

17.Member handbook must be carried at all times, and must be produced when asked for. The handbook is the permit to allow fishing in the society water, and remains the property of Offord and Buckden Angling Society.

18.Any member causing verbal or physical abuse to an OBAS official will be banned.

19.Any non-disabled angler fishing the disabled swims on C

Section will be required to vacate for a registered disabled angler on request.

20.That this Society be called, ’Offord and Buckden Angling Society’, to include the villages of Buckden, Offord D’ Arcy and Offord Cluny. All waters are owned (or leased) by the Society.

21.The objects of the Society shall be to acquire fishing rights to preserve fish life in the waters where such rights are acquired, and to encourage a spirit of goodwill and sportsmanship amongst the members.

22.a) Election of Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and committee members to take place at the Annual General Meeting.

b)The management of the Society shall be conducted by the Committee which shall be of not less than 9, or more than 12, members of which at least one half must reside in the Club parishes.

c)Five committee members shall form a quorum at anymeeting.

d)The Committee to appoint a Secretary, a Treasurer, and Bailiffs to assist in the administration of the Society’s affairs, for as long as the Committee deem necessary.

23.a) Annual subscriptions will be determined by the Committee and reviewed annually.

b)Daily permits may be issued at the bailiff’s discretion at the current rate for retired/disabled persons or juniors 16 years of age or less.

c)Only those members who have purchased their cards before

1st November shall be entitled to vote at an AGM or an Extraordinary Meeting but this right shall not be available to junior members.

24.Membership will be from payment of subscription expiring on 14th June next.

25.The Committee shall have the right to refuse or revoke membership to any person. All members must use the car parks provided. Anglers found leaving litter may face a ban by the Society.

26.All members must conform to the rules of the Society.

27.Any member deemed to have acted in a manner prejudicial to the interests of the Society will be suspended or banned, subject to appeal. Expulsion of a member can only be made at a General Meeting convened for that purpose.

28.The Society shall not be dissolved so long as 10 members agree to its continuance.

29.Not less than 10 members may ask the Secretary to convene an Extraordinary General meeting for any purpose. This request should be made in writing and signed by 10 or more members. Any committee member has the right to request through the chair, the right to abort a meeting, should the need arise.

30.All monies received shall be paid into the Society’s bank accounts. No payments out of the Club’s funds shall be made without prior authorisation of the Committee. Any cheque to be signed by any two of four authorised signatories.

31.No fishing shall take place on any of the Society’s waters outside of the dates determined by the Environment Agency by-laws, save where the close season shall not apply.

32.Members must obey all the by-laws of the Environment Agency or other such authoritative body who make take over the duties of the Agency. Notwithstanding the Environment Agency or their successors by-laws, the use of more than 3 rods by a member or other person fishing the Society’s waters shall not be allowed.

33.The Committee may allocate from the general fund a sum sufficient to enable prizes for specimen fish to be presented at AGM. Nominations to be received by Head Bailiff by 1st April.

34.It is the duty of members to protect the water and the environment.

35.Members shall only use designated routes to gain access to the water.

36.Should any case arise in which these rules are not sufficiently binding, it shall be a matter for the Committee to decide upon and their decision is final.

37.Unscheduled sweepstake contests may be organised by any member or members, but participants shall be members or day ticket holders. No club members shall be asked to move from any swim or be prevented from fishing any unoccupied swim adjacent to a participant.


38.Draw for all matches at venue.

39.On having drawn a competitor may proceed to his peg and fix his tackle, but must not bait the swim, or attach any bait to the line until the signal to start is given. Plumbing of water is allowed.

40.Competitors must fish from a position within one metre either side of the peg and must not move the peg. Wading is permitted to NFA rules.

41.No raking to be done except to clear a swim of weeds or other obstructions.

42.A competitor must not allow his float or end tackle to travel beyond the next downstream peg.

43.No match will take place unless there are least 3 or more competitors.

44.A competitor must hook, play and land his own fish. Allowance may be made for a person with a physical disability.

45.A fish landed within 15 minutes of the cease fishing signal shall count if it is hooked before the signal is given.

46.Competitors must fish the swim drawn and shall have no excuse for moving to or fishing any other swim unless the stewards decide that the swim drawn is totally un-fishable and another swim is allocated.

47.Any competitor leaving his peg before his catch is weighed will be disqualified. Those appointed as stewards are exempt for the purpose of weighing and recording or if called away by another competitor during the progress of the match.

48.Competitors must provide themselves with keep nets complying with Environment Agency by-laws and endeavour to keep alive all fish caught which immediately after weighing must be taken to the water and carefully returned. If a competitor catches an exceptional specimen, the stewards may assist if deemed necessary to prevent damage to any fish.

49.Pike will not be weighed in any match.

50.Fish must not be kept in keep nets if showing signs of distress or damage, and in any event longer than 6 hours.