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Kevin Dawson with a Weir Pool barbel

Offord and Buckden Angling Society was formed in the early 1800's, and until 1959 benefitted from the Great Northern Railway Station at Offord which, being only 100 yards from the club's water on the River Great Ouse in Cambridgeshire, provided easy access to anglers from the north and south. Some of our members remember travelling on the train with their grandparents and fishing for Chub alongside the great Dick Walker.

Today, the club has access to approximately seven kilometres
of top class fishing on the River Great Ouse in Cambridgeshire, between Grafham Pumping Station at Offord Cluny, and Brampton. Whether you're preference is for still water or a fast flowing stream, a small intimate river or one that's wide, languid and deep,
we have it.

Catches include barbel to 11 lb; bream to 10 lb; carp to 30 lb plus; chub to 7 lb; perch to 3 lb plus, pike to 20 lb plus; roach to 1 lb; tench to 5 lb, and zander to 7 lb.

Members of Angling Trust and Fish Legal

OBAS and our members benefit from the Society's membership of the Angling Trust - which represents all game, coarse and sea anglers and angling in England - and Fish Legal (formerly the ACA), which uses the law
to fight pollution and other damage to the freshwater and marine environment, and to protect the rights of anglers and angling.

River report - the Environment Agency has removed the Flood Alert

Saturday, 13 February 2021

The river is almost back to normal winter level, but the banks are very slippery. See Head Bailiff Tony’s River Report

Angling Trust submits case for removal of travel and other angling restrictions

News from Angling Trust, Thursday, 11 February 2021

Currently, angling is only permitted as part of ‘daily exercise’ and can only take place ‘locally’. No organised recreational activities can take place and fishing through the night risks incurring hefty fines.

In their submission to both the Department of Digital, Culture, Media & Sport and the Cabinet Office, entitled Fishing out of Lockdown, the Trust states:

"We need to move as quickly as possible to opening up safe outdoor recreation along the lines of last summer in order to deliver health, well-being, social and economic benefits. Our preference is for a national system but should the Government decide to retain a tiered system of restrictions the Angling Trust has appropriate guidelines in place to drive compliance".

To read the Angling Trust’s submission, Click here

Buy Day Tickets Online

Non-members can enjoy a day's superb fishing in the Car Park Pool, the Top Stream, and The Triangle ,
for the price of a day ticket, which you can now buy online: Our day tickets entitle you to fish from dawn to dusk, and cost just £5.00. Buy day tickets

Wow, What a Year! A Review of Our 2020 Campaign Highlights

News from Angling Trust - Friday, 18 December, 2020

Despite the coronavirus outbreak, 2020 has been an incredibly successful year for Angling Trust campaigns.
We successfully lobbied the government to get you back fishing through our When We Fish Again campaign, launched our new flagship Anglers Against Pollution campaign to hold polluters to account, achieved our goal
of getting recreational sea anglers recognised as legitimate stakeholders in the new Fisheries Act ,
and so much more. To take a look at more of the highlights of our 2020 campaigns successes Click Here .

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