Our Bailiffs

Our bailiffs are on the bank to protect the fishery and the society, and to support our members by ensuring all anglers have the necessary permissions to fish the society's water. They know the water, they know the seasons, they know the conditions, they know the fish species in each swim. Show your Environment Agency Rod Licence, or proof of its purchase, and a permit to fish our water in the form of membership, or a day ticket if fishing a day ticket water, and they are your friend and guru.


Tony Elliott, Head Bailiff. I moved into the village in 1968 and have fished OBAS waters regularly since then - so I know them quite well. My preference is float fishing, particularly for chub and roach, but ledgering has provided me with my biggest bream and carp. I enjoy fly fishing, I fished Grafham for 20 years, and have taken chub and perch from the Mill Stream on the fly. I am always pleased to share my experience and hope I can help you to enjoy your day at Offord. Telephone: 07928461032


Howard Fieldhouse. I love being in the countryside, exploring the environment and watching and working with wildlife of all varieties. Walking the river bank enables me to meet fellow fishing enthusiasts, discuss fishing technology and methods and have a laugh and joke. My favourite angling methods are float fishing and ledgering, which I enjoy equally. I also enjoy being part of work parties. Telephone: 07824569111


Barney Warner. Married to Jill, I am a country boy and have been fishing all my life, both sea and fresh water. I became a Bailiff because I love fishing - it improves my quality of life, and provides an opportunity for me to help others understand why grown men and women enjoy sitting by a river, or lake, on a cold rainy day. Perch are my favourite fish, my personal best weighed 3 lb 7 oz. I walk my black Labrador, Bart, along the banks twice a day, and look forward to meeting you. Telephone 07812931417.


Alan Cooke. I am married to Dawn and have two grown up daughters, Megan and Ellie. I have been a builder for over 30 years and an angler for nearly 50! For me, angling is a way of accessing nature - I am a naturalist first, and angler second. This love of nature inspired our family to move to Buckden Marina three years ago and to become involved with OBAS as a bailiff and to become an OBAS committee member. I look forward to meet you on the bank side. Tight lines, Alan. Telephone 07811 115209