News from OBAS Work Parties

Wednesday, 6 November, 2019

Improved Parking for A, B and C Section Anglers

A report by Howard Fieldhouse


Dave Tomkins and I spent five hours today working to clear a section of blackthorn bushes so as to provide a car park area for anglers at the end of the back road which leads to
the start of C Section. This will provide a much needed safe and pleasant roadway for our members to use when fishing A, B or C Sections.

We have completed about a third of the desired area and I am pleased to be able to say that the area we uncovered held a pleasant surprise in that the ground underneath is solid with hard core and so is probably part of the original road that Redland Aggregates built for our society back in 1984. It beggars the question as to how much of the old road is covered by trees and bushes. Hopefully our work will unearth more and encourage more people to use this already popular OBAS venue.

We plan to do the rest at the first opportunity (weather permitting).