The Triangle

This is a day ticket water - night fishing is for members only.


Zak Gronow with a 26lb 13oz carp
taken on the point of the Triangle

The Triangle has two sections: the Lock Cut, and the White Bridge sections.

The Lock Cut. To fish the Lock Cut, leave the car park and turn left towards the lock; the gate is on the right hand side of the road. The pool at the exit of the lock is deep and has produced a some big perch; the section after the pool has been dredged and is now a uniform depth of between four and five feet and fishes best in winter - roach over 1lb and good sized perch are caught here. A side stream providing good pike fishing in winter joins the Cut near The tip of the Triangle.

The White Bridge section. The whitebridge section is downstream from the white bridge and is accessed via a gate across the road to the right of the car park exit. Having a depth typically between four and eight feet this under fished section is generally shallower than the Lock Cut and often has some flow from the automatic weir when levels are low. Bream, carp, chub, perch and roach all thrive in this section. A member reported a catch including three Zander, the biggest being 7 lbs, from a swim
on the Triangle.

During a recent survey of the fish population the Environment Agency netted 30 bream weighing
between five and seven pounds in this section.

Beware - Overhead Power Lines

There are overhead power lines near the point of the Triangle. Rods and poles containing carbon fibre conduct electricity and are particularly dangerous when used near overhead electric power lines. Electricity can, and will jump gaps. A rod or pole does not have to touch power cables to cause electrocution and death.



Park in The Main Car Park.

Please note, the barrier on the entrance to the main car park is locked by combination padlock to prevent unauthorised entry. OBAS members can find the combination required to open this barrier on page 14 of their members handbook; non-members will be provided with the combination when they buy a day ticket, which can be purchased on-line, and should buy a day ticket before setting out to fish our waters. Buy day tickets.

The car park entrance has a height restriction of 6' 4" ( 1.9 metres).