Our Waters

One of our pike

Chris Lees with a pike
from the Car Park Pool

Whether you're looking for still water or a fast flowing stream: a small intimate river or one that's wide, languid and deep; we have it on the River Great Ouse in Cambridgeshire. And we have bream, carp, chub, perch, pike, roach, tench and zander.

The Car Park Pool

There are several weirs here and flow varies with rainfall - normally there is very little flow over the weirs until late summer so you can often fish the pool as you would a lake.

The Triangle

This under fished day ticket water is accessed by gates across the road from the car park pool. Night fishing is reserved for members only. Bream, carp, chub, perch and roach all thrive here.

A, B and C Sections

These members only sections are popular with carp anglers, with several fish over 30 lb being caught almost every year. They have also yielded bream to 10 lb, with catches to 100 lb; chub to 7 lb; perch over 2 lb and Pike over 20 lb.

The Mill Stream

For anglers who like nothing better than a small intimate stream with a descent flow, the Mill Stream is perfect. The main target fish are chub, but there a decent pike here, and barbel have also been taken here.

Weir Pool

The Black Overfalls Weir Pool is fed by water from D and E sections and the New Cut. It holds shoals of good sized bream with fish over 6 lb caught regularly. Barbel over 11 lb have been caught here, but few have been taken in recent years.

New Cut

The New Cut is a small shallow water that runs from the Grafham Pumping Station on the River Great Ouse to the Black Overfalls Weir Pool. Essentially a still water, it can provide good tench fishing and, excellent pike fishing in the winter months.

D and E Sections

Rarely fished due to the walk involved, they have produced some good bream, chub and pike for those who make the effort